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Things to remember when you want an apartment in Singapore?

Singapore is a wonderful city to live but everyone knows that living there is expensive. Housing especially can be very tough to find and what you find will be very expensive with high rents and with far less facilities than you might find in a similar priced apartment in nearby Kuala Lampur. The reason this is so is because Singapore is well… small. It’s a very small city-state and there is no possible way to increase the Area. As the city-state is home to a thriving developed economy, there is a lot of demand for real estate which jacks up the prices quite high.

However Singapore is a wonderful city to live in but to make the most of your life here, you need to remember the following things.

Be ready to sacrifice

Everybody have things they want in their apartment, but given the size of the apartments in Singapore and the rent charged for them, you might have to be willing to make sacrifices. If you fail to do so or take too long to make your decision on whether to rent out a certain apartment or not, chances are given the demand for real estate, someone else will rent it. Therefore before you meet with you real estate agent, do some research on affordable housing and facilities. This way you would be more knowledgeable about what you can possibly get for your budget and will be able to better adjust what you want in your home. If living close to the city centre is important, then know that the rent there will be very expensive and if your budget is not very flexible or accommodating then you might need to sacrifice other things such as floor area and furnishings.

Remember there are always storage units available

If you have a lot of belongings then it might be tempting to search for apartment with a larger floor space but these apartments can be very expensive and could possibly be out of your budget. The thing with living in a city like Singapore is that a small area space is common in apartments and there are solutions available to help residents. There are many companies that provide self storage space singapore. Here you can find storage units that you can rent out and store your belongings in. Therefore even if the floor are of your apartment is not enough to store everything you own, you can use the extra storage to keep things that you may not need frequently therefore reducing the amount of space you would need for storage.

Therefore make it a point to remember the above when looking to rent an apartment in Singapore. It will help you immensely in choosing the right place for yourself.


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